Bremen Earth and Social Science talks at Universum Bremen  | Photo: Jan Meier, ZMT

Bremen Earth and Social Science Talks (BEST)

ZMT's lecture series Bremen Earth and Social Science Talks (BEST) continues throughout the year with talks scheduled either at ZMT or at Universum Bremen. BEST aims to attract engaging and influential speakers from the world of academia to Bremen to share their thoughts and ideas.

The purpose of the series is to provoke discussion and debate about a range of subjects at the intersections between natural and social sciences, with a focus on pressing societal grand challenges such as sustainability, climate change, resource exploitation, and governance.

The 45-minute lectures are followed by a discussion of about 45 minutes and are delivered at a level that is accessible to a general scientific audience.

The talks are free and open to the public, reservation is not necessary.

Please check here for updates.