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ZMT Alumna and Ambassador:

Katarina Trstenjak, Slovenia

Katarina Trstenjak


What was your position at ZMT?

I was an ISATEC student from 2014-2016 but as a student assistant I was also involved in building the Alumni network for ISATEC which was closely connected to ZMT Alumni network.
As an ISATEC student our lives and studies were connected to ZMT on a daily basis. Most of our lecturers were from ZMT, we did practical work there and ZMT library was like our second home. For my masters research I worked within a new regional formation project, which ZMT partnered and my second supervisor, Dr. Alessio Rovere, is a ZMT researcher, as well.
I will always remember ZMT as an open institution for students. I could always ask and receive help within the institution and felt that the researcher’s doors were always open. During the writing process of my master thesis I also had a desk-in office at ZMT, so I was daily involved into ZMT’s work and was able to get an inside “view” of the institute.

How did you benefit from your time at ZMT?

Being a part of ZMT is definitely beneficial for my future career, since ZMT is a world known institution with a high reputation. I gained a lot of knowledge, experiences and also met a lot of people. Furthermore, I was also introduced to many projects and funding opportunities, which is also beneficial for possible future cooperation.
I am still in contact with other ISATEC students and also some ZMT researchers and employees.

What happened since you left the institute?

At the moment I am still a fresh graduate and I would like to develop my career in my home Adriatic region. Recently, I co-founded a NGO, called Plankton Media that aims to “promote” Nature through different media platforms (photo exhibitions, documentaries…), to be the so- called “voice of nature,” of course with emphasis on marine ecosystems.