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28359 Bremen
Raum: 5302 (3. Etage)


Wissenstransfer, Internationale Zusammenarbeit, Wissenschaftskommunikation


Referierte Fachzeitschriften

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Allgemeine Publikationen

Bers, V (ed): Marine Plastic Pollution – Resources for Educators. 28 pp, ZMT, 2018

Bers, V (ed): Blue Solutions from Latin America and the Wider Caribbean. 120 pp. Blue Solutions, 2015

Bers, V et al. (eds): Blue Solution from Asia and the Pacific. 64 pp. Blue Solutions, 2014.  

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Bers, AV (2005): Biodiversity assessment for Maldives’ Baa Atoll. Report prepared for UNDP Maldives and the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Water, Male’, Republic of Maldives. 46 pp.