Link: Policy Brief #1 (2016): Costa Rica, Governance of Marine Protected Areas: Where the Past Meets the Future


Cover Policy brief GWM Costa Rica ENG web

Dr. Gabriela Weber de Morais    

pdfGovernance of Marine Protected Areas: Where the Past Meets the Future. DOI: 10.21244/zmt.2016.001

pdfGobernanza de Áreas Marinas Protegidas: Donde el Pasado y el Futuro convergen. DOI: 10.21244/zmt.2016.002   

Weitere Informationen:
Weber de Morais, G., Schlüter, A., Verweij, M. (2015). Can institutional change theories contribute to the understanding of marine protected areas? Global Environmental Change 31, pp. 154-162. DOI: 10.1016/j.gloenvcha.2015.01.008

Projekt: Governance of Marine Protected Areas in Costa Rica: Stability and change of institutions

II. Policy Briefs mit ZMT Beteiligung

Ocean Gov Policy Brief 01/2018

European COST Action CA15217

  Cover OG Policy Paper 2018 01 final

Carolin Hoffmann, Christian Neumann, Anna-Katharina Hornidge

pdfCapacity development for sustainable ocean governance: Lessons learned from academia, policy and practice.


IASS Policy Brief 3/2016

Cover IASS Policy Brief 2016 3

Shackeroff Theisen, J. M., Atkinson, S. R., Awad, A., Beaudoin, Y., Canals, P., Durussel, C., Edwards, P. E. T., Gombos, M., Hornidge, A.-K., Lameier, M., Nakamura, T., Philibotte, J., Porsché, I., Pratt, C., Robertson, L. F., Schwab, P., Unger, S., Winter, A. (2016)

Capacity Development for Oceans, Coasts, and the 2030 Agenda