Data Life Cycle

Research data provide the backbone of good science and are a valuable public good. ZMT intends to make its research data findable, accessible, interoperable and re-usable (FAIR), as stated in ZMT’s Open Data Policy. To achieve this goal, the Research Data Infrastructure (RDI) Group aims to facilitate data management at all stages of the data lifecycle. As part of ZMT’s strategic expansion “Digital ZMT (DigiZ)” the RDI group provides the following services:

  • consulting on data management plans (DMPs)
  • support data collection with software tools and consulting
  • provisioning of curated cloud data storage
  • platform for collaborative data analysis (DataLab)
  • preparation of research data for publication and archival

In addition, RDI offers training and guidance on research data management. The group has started its work in 2021 developing the above tools, platforms and services.