Fridolin Haag

Dr. Fridolin Haag

Postdoctoral Researcher

Phone: +49 (0)421 23800 - 0

Fax: +49(0) 421 23800 - 30

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Office: Fahrenheitstr. 8
28359 Bremen

Research interests

With my research I aim to contribute to better decision making in environmental and conservation management. For this I combine methods and insights from multiple disciplines, including data science, decision science, operations research, ecological modelling, and economics.
Research interests:
- Decision analysis, integrated assessment, management strategy evaluation, and multi-criteria assessment
- Uncertainty, sensitivity, and the value of information in modelling and management
- (Bayesian) statistical modelling
- Developing tools and software


Haag, F., Chennu, A. (2023). Assessing whether decisions are more sensitive to preference or prediction uncertainty with a value of information approach. Omega 121, 102936.

Haag, F., Miñarro, S., Chennu, A. (2022). Which predictive uncertainty to resolve? Value of information sensitivity analysis for environmental decision models. Environmental Modelling & Software 158, 105552.

Haag, F., Aubert, A.H., Lienert, J. (2022). ValueDecisions, a web app to support decisions with conflicting objectives, multiple stakeholders, and uncertainty. Environmental Modelling & Software 150, 105361.

Haag, F., Reichert, P., Maurer, M., & Lienert, J. (2019). Integrating uncertainty of preferences and predictions in decision models: An application to regional wastewater planning. Journal of Environmental Management, 252, 109652.

Haag, F., Lienert, J., Schuwirth, N., & Reichert, P. (2019). Identifying non-additive multi-attribute value functions based on uncertain indifference statements. Omega, 85, 49–67.

Haag, F., Zürcher, S., & Lienert, J. (2019). Enhancing the elicitation of diverse decision objectives for public planning. European Journal of Operational Research, 279(3), 912–928.

Marttunen, M., Haag, F., Belton, V., Mustajoki, J., & Lienert, J. (2019). Methods to inform the development of concise objectives hierarchies in multi-criteria decision analysis. European Journal of Operational Research, 277(2), 604–620.

Doctoral Thesis

Haag, F. (2019). Advancing decision analysis methods for environmental management: Including stakeholder values in wastewater infrastructure planning and river assessment. ETH Zürich.