Till Oehler

Dr. Till Oehler

Postdoctoral Researcher

Department: Biogeochemistry and Geology
Working Group: WG Submarine Groundwater Discharge

Phone: +49 421 23800 - 135

Fax: +49 (421) 23800 - 30

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Office: Fahrenheitstr. 6, Annexe
28359 Bremen
Room: 2216 (2nd floor)

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Research interests

I'm a coastal Hydrogeologist and Geochemist. My main research interests are groundwater/porewater chemistry such as pollutants, nutrients and carbon.
These constituents can affect coastal ecosystems and biogeochemical cycles, as they are transported via submarine groundwater discharge and benthic transport processes into the coastal ocean. My research is also important for coastal societies which use groundwater as a resource.

Personal Data

Till Oehler@Researchgate


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Seasonal variations of Benthic Carbon and Nutrient fluxes in the southern North Sea. PhD Thesis, Alfred-Wegener-Institut (AWI), Universität Bremen.