ZMT Dr Werner Ekau IOC Capacity Development

| Dr. Werner Ekau, head of the Ecology department at the Leibniz Centre for Tropical Marine Research (ZMT), is joining a group of experts on capacity development recently founded by the UNESCO’s Intergovernmental Oceanic Commission (IOC). The IOC Group of experts on Capacity Development consists of 36 members from 26 countries and will fulfil different tasks related to the implementation of capacity development measures.

Aside from assisting in the assessment of capacity development needs and helping to establish and develop work plans based on IOC CD strategy the group will offer support in mobilising resources to implement CD work plans and advise on methods and tools to improve existing CD efforts.

Furthermore the group will counsel the assembly in matters related to capacity development and the transfer of marine technologies.

Dr. Werner Ekau says: „I am very happy to have been selected as one of the members of the IOC group of experts on CD. Since its beginning ZMT has always included capacity development as one of the pillars of its mission. I am looking forward to bringing our expertise to the table and help to further strengthen capacity development on a global and regional scale.“

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Photo: Jan Meier, ZMT