ZMT's working paper series presents current scientific discussions at the institute and gives and insight into the ongoing research of the different working groups.

These are often still works in progress but by presenting a first publication in the form of a working paper a joint discussion of these works with national and international partners and network of the institute shall be facilitated.

Working Paper #5 (August 2018, Indonesia)

Cover WORKING PAPER 5 Nelson et al

Katie Nelson, Stefan Partelow and Achim Schlüter

Extending the scope of voluntary marine park user fees to terrestrial conservation across coupled land-sea ecosystem boundariesending the scope Operationalizing the social-ecological systems framework in pond aquaculture

DOI: 10.21244/zmt.2018.002


Working Paper #4 (November 2017, Indonesia)

Cover WORKING PAPER 4 Partelow et al

Stefan Partelow, Paula Senff, Nurliah Buhari and Achim Schlüter

Operationalizing the social-ecological systems framework in pond aquaculture

DOI: 10.21244/zmt.2017.006

Working Paper #3 (August 2017)

Cover Working Paper 3 Perrin Siriwardane

Sam Perrin and Rapti Siriwardane-de Zoysa

Women in marine science: The efficacy of ecofeminist theory in the wake of historical critique

DOI: 10.21244/zmt.2017.004


Working Paper #2 (July 2017, Ghana)

Cover Working Paper 2 Goldbach et al

Carina Goldbach, Achim Schlüter and Marie Fujitani        

Analyzing potential effects of migration on coastal resources in Southeastern Ghana



Working Paper #1 (April 2017, Indonesia)

Cover Working Paper 1 Nelson et al 

Katherine M. Nelson, Achim Schlüter and Colin Vance  

Distributional preferences and donation behavior among marine resource users in Wakatobi, Indonesia