Through international research cooperation, ZMT has an outstanding scientific network in tropical and subtropical countries. To date, over 150 doctoral students and approximately 220 master students from more than 50 countries - especially within the framework of the ISATEC study program - have been trained by ZMT scientists. Every year more than 50 international guest scientists from different career levels, from students to professors, visit the institute.

By winning the Research Alumni Strategies competition of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, ZMT was able to establish and implement a comprehensive alumni strategy.
ZMT Alumni live all over the globe and work in a wide range of professions and fields of expertise. Our alumni are great examples for current students and act as mentors and ambassadors, who spread their knowledge in their home country as well as in their professional and social networks.

The Alumni Relations Office of the Office for Knowledge Exchange coordinates the Alumni Network of the ZMT. Regular newsletters, regional alumni events and a moderated group in the social media offer opportunities for information, exchange and networking.

  • ZMT Alumni Network on LinkedIn: Within this group, the ZMT alumni are informed about funding opportunities, ongoing research projects, scientific work, job offers and training opportunities

  • ZMT Newsletter: twice a year the newsletter informs about the ZMT’s alumni work (see below)

  • ZMT Ambassador Initiative was launched in September 2015 to further strengthen the ZMT alumni network. There are currently 20 alumni ambassadors who support the overall development of the alumni program by building regional and national alumni networks in their countries


Cover ZMT Alumni Newsletter 1 2017

ZMT Alumni Newsletter #1 2017