In 2019, ZMT launched a new initiative, the ZMT Alumni Fellowship. The scheme offers up to five alumni the opportunity for a four-week research stay at ZMT and includes travel costs as well as a scholarship.

The aim of the fellowship is to encourage joint publications of ZMT's researchers and alumni and to prepare research proposals together, thus fostering the cooperation between the alumni network and working groups on the level of research.  In 2019, five Alumni Fellows were choesen out of 19 very good applications from within ZMT's alumni network.

Details of the Fellowship

Selected ZMT Alumni Fellows are invited to stay in a working group at ZMT for four weeks. Travel costs (return flight to and from Bremen) and living expenses (EUR 2000 for room and board) will be covered.

Fellows are guests in a working group and should select the working group in advance and specify in their application together with the working group leader the specific goal of their stay. The output of the fellowship should be a joint paper (ready for submission), a joint research proposal (please, specify the call, if possible) or a capacity development /stakeholder engagement project proposal or policy brief. Fellows will be selected according to the feasibility and innovative potential of the proposed project. We aim at having a regional and disciplinary diversity among the invited fellows.

Who can apply?

All ZMT alumni can apply (alumni are persons who stayed at ZMT longer than four weeks). The last stay at ZMT of applicants for the Alumni Fellowship should have ended in March prior to the application year. Applications from alumni who return to ZMT after a longer period of absence are highly appreciated.

For further questions you can contact:

Dr. Janine Reinhard (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | Tel: +49- 421-238 00-86)