Postdocs at ZMT are young scientists with strong motivation and diverse background. Regular communication within and among departments is particularly valuable at the postdoc level to get involved in the development of ZMT, to support its scientific mission and foster interdisciplinary research.

The nature of the postdoc community at ZMT is one that is characterized by heterogeneity in terms of scientific background, career-development plans and institutional status. Currently, the community encompasses junior scientists (first and second contract after PhD) and senior scientists (third contract and more) that are not in charge of their own working groups (as opposed to working group leaders).

Two Postdoc representatives are elected for one-year mandates. This turnover favors the integration of new ideas and concepts at the postdoc level. The representatives are an integral part of the Doctoral Studies Circle, contribute to discussions about ZMT functioning and visions for the future during strategic meetings. They are in permanent exchange with the directorate and provide a channel to improve communication between the postdocs and the different entities at ZMT. The Postdoc representatives are also involved in the cooperation at Postdoc level within Leibniz Association.

The needs of postdocs at ZMT in terms of career development are highly appreciated by ZMT’s directorate. A scientific coordinator, also responsible for the organization of the doctoral program, helps to organize courses for ZMT postdocs on, for example, grant writing and team leading, and also informs about potential third party funding lines. ZMT postdocs furthermore have the opportunity to participate in a yearly 2-day retreat in order to elaborate on interdisciplinary research projects and joint proposals.

In a large and multidisciplinary institute such as ZMT, sharing experiences, knowledge and insights among postdocs is beneficial for the institute as well as for the postdocs themselves. Postdocs at ZMT have the privilege to become actively integrated into decision-making processes, which gives them the opportunity to strengthen their profiles within ZMT and beyond.

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