Integration of (civil) society and environmental education

ZMT aims at raising society's awareness of sustainability issues and involving society in its research, since this is the only way to tackle sustainability problems together. To achieve this goal, environmental education is of high importance. At this point, formats and topics from ZMT’s office for Public Relations (PR) and the Office for Knowledge Exchange (OKE) come together. Both teams work in the field of environmental education and cooperate in the development of materials and exhibits. They provide information about ZMT's research and raise public awareness of ecological and social challenges in tropical coastal regions.

The OKE focuses on improving the environmental education and capacity development of civil society actors in the tropics through appropriate formats. ZMT's public relations work addresses its activities mainly on the public and interest groups in Germany and its neighbouring countries.

Informing events, exhibitions, stakeholder workshops, courses and fact sheets illustrate a suitable framework in ZMT´s environmental education for different target groups such as school classes, NGOs, tourists or community members (ecosystem users).

More information about environmental education formats can be found here.