Aims of the project

The MIMAC project is aimed at placing the Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) of Bahia Portete, Bahia Honda and Bahia Hondita in a larger context of a Marine Spatial Planning program in order to enhance the regional efficiency of habitat and biodiversity protection. At the same time, management plans for these areas shall be developed, that are adapted to the needs and demands of local stakeholders and that make best use of an ecosystem approach to adaptation and management under conditions of climate change. The implementation of an integrated coastal management plan demands a clear political and societal decision, as well as  the strengthening of the administrative capacities of the responsible entities and an intersectoral collaboration.

Among all relevant stakeholders integrated management solutions are to be developed, aimed at a reconciliation between protection of biodiversity and use of resources.

Expected  results

The protection of mangrove and seagrass habitats shall directly contribute to maintaining C02 storage and absorption as well as biological diversity of these ecosystems. Integrated ecosystem-based management practices (fisheries) will allow resource users to adapt their fisheries to the system changes caused by climate change.


Project Partners

GIZ and Universidad de Magdalena, Colombia