Fisher in Hainan, China

Tackling environmental change issues of China´s coastal aquatic systems: Networking, capacity building and knowledge exchange

The main aim of this project is to produce and spread knowledge, necessary to solve environmental problems in China’s coastal ecosystems. Network and capacity development and the exchange between different stakeholders from science and civil society are being fostered. The project is based on the research activities of the bilateral joint project ECOLOC (Environmental change affecting COastal ecosystems of tropical China during the Anthropocene).

Four working packages have been defined:

  1. Sampling in the ECOLOC research region of the South China Sea near Hainan and subsequent sample analysis
  2. Exchange of scientist and students
  3. Science workshops in China
  4. Development and implementation of a concept for knowledge exchange between science and civil society (“Stakeholder Dialogues”) with a focus on political decision-makers, environmental organisations and economic stakeholders from aquaculture, fisheries and tourism

On local and regional level TICAS will make research results available for the development of management measure for the sustainable use of resources in Chinese coastal zones, which can be of direct use for decision-makers and stakeholders.

Project Partners (Germany)


International Project Partners

University of Bremen

University of Hamburg

RWTH Aachen

Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research Warnemünde


Hainan Academy of Ocean and Fishery Sciences Haikou

Hainan University Haikou

Second Institute of Oceanography Hangzhou

Third Institute of Oceanography Xiamen