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Cultivating fish, seafood and algae in aquaculture is considered an important food sector of the future. But what problems does conventional aquaculture struggle with? How can more sustainable underwater farming succeed? And which marine organisms that have hardly been exploited yet could soon end up on our plates?

A ZMT exhibit addresses these questions. In a classic showcase, a tropical lagoon has been recreated where coastal residents manage an integrated aquaculture system (IMTA). It combines various farmed animals and plants together to form a natural cycle. Connected to it is a monitor with touchpad function that shows more detailed information about each station of the coastal scenery, image galleries and short explanatory videos.

The exhibit on video...

The interactive presentation

We also show the interactive presentation of the exhibit here. Simply click on the image to open it. On the bottom left you can select the English version. The individual stations can then be navigated with the mouse to get more information.


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The videos

In short videos, biologist Holger Kühnhold elaborates on the topics presented in the exhibit. Among other things he talks about new food from the sea, chances for our food security or the fact that the load limit of agriculture could be reached soon.

Click on the images to watch the videos (in German).


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The postcards

A set of four postcards takes up aquaculture topics addressed in the digital presentation and in the showcase and brings them to the point in a graphic with a touch of humour. Visitors will find them next to the exhibit when it is on display so they can take them home and mail them.



The exhibit is part of one of the winning projects in the University Competition (Hochschulwettbewerb) dedicated to Bioeconomy in the Science Year 2020/21. The competition calls on young scientists and their teams to use their projects to make their research understandable in an interactive way. The project was implemented together with the agency scienceintermedia.


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