The ZMT policy briefs are part of a series of briefings aiming to inform policy makers on key results of ZMT research, and to provide them with specific recommendations for environmental policies.

They also illustrate the high practical and political relevance of ZMT's research across tropical coastal areas. Every policy brief will be published in English and in the language of the partner country, where appropriate. These are divided in:

I. ZMT Policy Briefs

II. Policy Briefs in cooperation with ZMT

I. ZMT Policy Briefs

Policy Brief #8 (2020, Ghana)

Cover PB Ghana Sustainably managing fisheries in water reservoirs

Dr. Seth Mensah Abobi

Prof. Dr. Matthias Wolff

pdfSustainably managing fisheries in water reservoirs: A case from Northern Ghana, DOI: 10.21244/zmt.2020.003


Policy Brief #7 (2020, Brazil)

Cover Policy Brief Participation Brazil ENG 20200514

Dr. Luciana Yokoyama Xavier

PD Dr. Marion Glaser

pdfSocial participation in coastal and ocean management in Brazil: Lessons learnt and ways ahead, DOI: 10.21244/zmt.2020.001

Participação social na gestão costeira e marinha do Brasil: Lições aprendidas e caminhos a seguir, DOI: 10.21244/zmt.2020.002

Policy Brief #6 (2019, Indonesia)

Cover ZMT Policy Brief 6 2019 SGD final

Dr. Dini Adyasari

pdfCoastal water management related to submarine groundwater discharge: a study case in Indonesia, DOI: 10.21244/zmt.2019.003

pdfPengelolaan kualitas sumber daya air pesisir berkaitan dengan keluaran air tanah lepas pantai (KALP): studi kasus di Indonesia, DOI: 10.21244/zmt.2019.005

Policy Brief #5 (2019, Indonesia)

Policy Brief Indonesia 2019 02 final Page 1

Dr. Yustian Rovi Alfiansah

pdf Water quality and bacterial community management in shrimp ponds in Rembang, Indonesia: Towards sustainable shrimp aquaculture, DOI: 10.21244/zmt.2019.002

 pdf Manajemen kualitas air dan komunitas bakteri pada tambak udang di Rembang, Indonesia: Menuju akuakultur udang yang berkelanjutan, DOI: 10.21244/zmt.2019.004

Policy Brief #4 (2019, Malaysia)

2019 05 06 Policy Brief BAKAU final Page 1

Dr. Inga Nordhaus

pdfThe Future of Mangroves in Penang, Malaysia: Bridging Science, Policy & Perspectives, DOI: 10.21244/zmt.2019.001


Policy Brief #3 (2018, Mexico)

Cover Policy Brief Alejandro Espinoza Tenorio

Dr. Alejandro Espinoza-Tenorio

pdf Crisis or opportunity? A critical glimpse on the sustainability of the Mexican fisheries regimeDOI: 10.21244/zmt.2018.001

pdf ¿Crisis u oportunidad? Un vistazo crítico a la sostenibilidad del régimen pesquero mexicano DOI: 10.21244/zmt.2018.003


More information:

Espinoza-Tenorio, A., Espejel, I., Wolff, M., 2015. From adoption to implementation? An academic perspective on Sustainable Fisheries Management in a developing country. Mar. Policy 62, 252–260. DOI:10.1016/j.marpol.2015.09.001

Policy Brief #2 (2017, Peru)

Cover Policy brief Kluger Peru ENG web

Dr. Lotta Clara Kluger      

pdfEstimating sustainable levels of scallop bottom aquaculture in Sechura Bay (Northern Peru) DOI: 10.21244/zmt.2017/002

pdfEstimando Niveles Sostenibles en la Acuicultura de bivalvos en la Bahía de Sechura (Norte de Perú) DOI: DOI:10.21244/zmt.2017.005

More information:
Kluger LC, Wolff M, Taylor MH, Tam J (2016). Carrying capacity simulations as a tool for ecosystem-based management of a scallop aquaculture system. Ecological Modelling 331, pp. 44-55. DOI: 10.1016/j.ecolmodel.2015.09.002

Project: Sustainability analysis of scallop culture in Sechura Bay (Peru)

Policy Brief #1 (2016, Costa Rica)

Cover Policy brief GWM Costa Rica ENG web

Dr. Gabriela Weber de Morais    

pdfGovernance of Marine Protected Areas: Where the Past Meets the Future. DOI: 10.21244/zmt.2016.001

pdfGobernanza de Áreas Marinas Protegidas: Donde el Pasado y el Futuro convergen. DOI: 10.21244/zmt.2016.002   

More information:
Weber de Morais, G., Schlüter, A., Verweij, M. (2015). Can institutional change theories contribute to the understanding of marine protected areas? Global Environmental Change 31, pp. 154-162. DOI: 10.1016/j.gloenvcha.2015.01.008

Project: Governance of Marine Protected Areas in Costa Rica: Stability and change of institutions


II. Policy Briefs in cooperation with ZMT

Ocean Gov Policy Brief 01/2018

European COST Action CA15217

  Cover OG Policy Paper 2018 01 final

Carolin Hoffmann, Christian Neumann, Anna-Katharina Hornidge

pdfCapacity development for sustainable ocean governance: Lessons learned from academia, policy and practice.


IASS Policy Brief 3/2016

Cover IASS Policy Brief 2016 3

Shackeroff Theisen, J. M., Atkinson, S. R., Awad, A., Beaudoin, Y., Canals, P., Durussel, C., Edwards, P. E. T., Gombos, M., Hornidge, A.-K., Lameier, M., Nakamura, T., Philibotte, J., Porsché, I., Pratt, C., Robertson, L. F., Schwab, P., Unger, S., Winter, A. (2016)

Capacity Development for Oceans, Coasts, and the 2030 Agenda