The Works Council at the ZMT is committed to the interests of all colleagues within the framework of existing laws and regulations and is in intensive exchange with the management. Particular tasks are:

  • Strengthening and enforcing employee rights in the company
  • Social concerns, e.g. equality between women and men and the reconciliation of family and working life
  • Occupational health and safety, participation in company reintegration management (BEM), in the Occupational Safety Committee (ASA) and in the Health Circle.
  • The Works Council initiates and is involved in works agreements (e.g. data protection, BEM, mobile work) and participates in internal regulations.
  • Also, the Works Council takes part in the annual meetings of the personnel and works councils of the Leibniz Association and it is involved in the cooperate works council of the association’s institutes (VfwF), as well as in the committee meetings of the working group of works and staff councils of non-university research institutions (AGBR).

We, the Works Council, will be there for you each Thursday in our office hours from 10:30 am to 12:00 am in the main building, Fahrenheitstraße 6 (Office 1313, Tel: 23800 – 90) for all problems and questions about working at the ZMT. If there are urgent problems, you can contact us at any time or make an appointment with one of us.

Flyer ZMT Works Council