The doctoral candidates' representatives, together with the management of the ZMT Academy, serve as a point of call for all doctoral candidates of ZMT and are available to discuss any concerns and offer support, concerning problems in the working environment as well as new ideas and suggestions for improving the doctoral student situation as a whole. The doctoral candidates' representatives participate in the regular meeting of the Doctoral Studies Circle.

The Doctoral Studies Circle continuously shapes the doctoral programme and is a forum for exchange between the various status groups at  ZMT on topics related to PhD training. In addition, it serves as a contact point for problems or conflicts in the doctoral process. The Doctoral Studies Circle consists of the head of the ZMT Academy as well as representatives of all status groups, a head of department, a representative from working group leaders and the representatives of doctoral students and postdocs. The Doctoral Studies Circle meets every two-three months.

The doctoral candidates' representatives organise and participate in events to build networks and to discuss personal and professional issues among doctoral students at the ZMT.

Regular meetings of the doctoral community with the management of the ZMT Academy serve to inform about news. The so-called "PhD-Lunch" is a monthly opportunity for informal exchange and getting to know each other. Within the framework of the doctoral colloquium, which takes place monthly, doctoral students have the opportunity to show their work in a small circle and to discuss science in a relaxed atmosphere. In addition, each year there is a traditional doctoral carbon tour as a social activity for all.

The doctoral candidates' representatives of ZMT take part in the meetings of the Leibniz PhD Network –  a network of doctoral representatives from all Leibniz Institutes.

The doctoral candidates are elected at ZMT every two to three years. The current respresentatives are:

Bhakti Shah

Lol Dahlet

Mondane Fouqueray

Wiebke Homes