VR coral reef at ZMT's stand during Open Campus

Tropical coastal ecosystems such as coral reefs, mangroves and seagrass beds are highly productive habitats, where flora and fauna are found in delicate balance. Climate change and the inevitable consequences of population growth will have dramatic effects on these ecosystems.

A greater appreciation of these unique ecosystems is urgently needed. The ZMT regularly develops activities to provide information to people of all ages concerning tropical coastal ecosystems, their vulnerability to human impact, and the need for their scientific study.


Talks, Exhibtions

ZMT engages with the public through its talk and exhibition to inform about research activties and results. All events are listed here.

Special Projects

Fiction Meets Science

 ZMT is part of a project that studies the literary treatment of academic life. Writers get the opportunity to be "particpating oberservs" and find out about the day-to-day life of researchers.

Virtual Coral Reef

A virtual reality headset (Oculus) allows users to swim through a tropical reef simulation and meet reef creatures such as turtles, corals, sharks, clown fish or doctor fish. Whilst moving though the virtual reef 'divers' can also learn about these marine organisms and find out what strains and stresses the reefs are exposed to. The elaborate digital exhibit was developed by the IT Department of the ZMT in collaboration with its coral reef ecologists.


Young ZMT scientist report from the  daily life and expeditions to the tropics. The ZMT blog is usually written in English.

ZMT in the media

Media coverage about ZMT and its work includes reports in print, online, radio and TV.