The ZMT exhibit in the exhibition "The Climate" of the LWL-Museum of Natural History in Münster (Photo: LWL-Museum für Naturkunde)

16/06/2022 | The climate is a topic that is currently affecting people around the world. The LWL Museum of Natural History in Münster presents a large special exhibition on this topic. Since Wednesday, June 15, museum visitors can discover about 450 exhibits on the topic of climate and weather, climate research and climate change on about 1,000 square meters in "The Climate".

On loan from the ZMT, the museum is also showing an exhibit developed at the ZMT: an interactive representation of a virtual coral reef and its inhabitants on a monitor, in which visitors can navigate with a gamepad, call up information and trigger actions. Among other things, the simulation also addresses the issue of coral bleaching due to ocean warming.

About the exhibition

Climate - it shapes us and our planet Earth. It is complex and changing. It can enable life or it can end life. The Earth's climate has been changing for millions of years. Continental drift, volcanic eruptions, changing ocean currents - many things have an influence. Like in a clockwork, one gearwheel meshes with the other. If one gearwheel in the climate system changes, this has global consequences. We humans also have a strong influence on the climate, because the average global temperature is constantly rising due to increased emissions of greenhouse gases, with far-reaching consequences for humans and nature.

In "The Climate", you can travel back in time, present and future over an area of around 1,000 square meters. You will experience the climate system of our earth and explore the climatic past of Westphalia as well as the entire planet. Immerse yourself in the world of climate research. Become a researcher and discover what information different climate archives such as ice cores or stalactites contain about the past climate. Learn how climate models work and what they say about our future.

Duration of the exhibition: 15.06.2022-15.10.2023

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