Fact sheets provide an overview about research projects at ZMT by summarising key findings. They arouse curiosity and make new target groups aware of ecological and social challenges in tropical coastal ecosystems and their possible solutions. This way, fact sheets contribute to knowledge exchange and help to tackle sustainability problems together.

Depending on how information are presented, fact sheets allow to meet the needs of different target groups such as school classes, NGOs, tourists or community members (ecosystem users). Thus, they involve society in ZMT´s research and represent a great format for environmental education.

Examples for current fact sheets are given within the framework of the projects ECOLOC and TICAS, which investigated various aspects of the tropical coastal ecosystem in Hainan, China and the project ROOTSEA, which took place in Zanzibar, Tanzania. Additionally, three recently published Fact Sheets deal with the influence of microplastic particles on corals and juvenile fish and aquaculture

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 NEW Fact Sheet about Aquaculture!


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   Benthos in Hainan                    Corals in Hainan                      Organic Pollutants in Hainan


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  Circulation in Hainan                  Seagrass in Hainan                  Mangroves in Hainan

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   Eutrophication and GHGs        Seagrass in Zanzibar          Microplastic: Impacts on Corals


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  Microplastic: Ingestion by juvenile fish


 Fact Sheets about Metadata from the NeDiT Project:
Metadata 1: Information is only valuable… If we care about metadata!
Metadata 2: Sharing data the right way – with standards!
Metadata 3: If you can’t find a standard…
Try building up your own one!
Metadata 4: To deepen one’s knowledge: Metadata learning resources