Small-scale fisher on a canal along a coal power plant in Maheshkhali island, Bangladesh | Photo: M. Govender


Bangladesh has shown a growing interest in coastal and marine-based economic development in the last decade. Moheshkhali island, situated on the eastern coast of Bangladesh is a key developmental zone, hosting an estimated 68 developmental projects including a coal power plant, liquefied gas terminals, a deep seaport, a petrochemical refinery, and a tourism park planned on the island. Therefore, the present project focuses on comprehensive environmental monitoring and pollution management in the Matarbari region located in Moheshkhali Island and aims to enhance air quality monitoring, evaluate water column and sediment chemistry, and analyse governance system dynamics. By focusing on toxic gases, particulate matter, and heavy metals, the project seeks to develop sustainable strategies for pollution control and public health improvement.

Project goals

  • Enhance air quality monitoring and modeling through community-based initiatives and innovative methods
  • Assess heavy metal pollution and relate to public health
  • Strengthen pollution governance in Matarbari by assessing formal and informal rules and addressing regulatory gaps

Project partner

Center for Atmospheric Pollution Studies (Stamford University Bangladesh)

Shahjalal University of Science and Technology

University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh, Agrajattra (NGO)