Tropical seas and coasts are drivers of the global economy with vast potential for innovation and growth. Sectors such as aquaculture, fishery or marine biotechnology – to name only a few – are of central importance for an economically sound as much as an environmentally- and socially sustainable development.

ZMT provides relevant services in close exchange with our partners, through consultation, contract research and cooperation tailored to the needs and requirements of the clients. Our extensive and interdisciplinary pool of experts, 25 years of world-wide experience throughout the tropical belt are the basis to deliver reliable, useful, and tangible results and products.

ZMT offers formal consultation services. These services include the preparation of expert reviews, strategy development and participation in committees and advisory bodies. ZMT can offer online analyses, training and consulting in the infrastructure units.

The Office for Knowledge Exchange (OKE) supports liaison with industry partners, the development of spin-offs, the development of knowledge and technology transfer contracts, and provides advice in the fields of inventions, intellectual property rights/patents and licences.

More information about Consultancies, Agreements, Inventions, Patents, Licences, Spin-Offs, etc. can be found here: Manual Technology Transfer at ZMT (Internal)


Where we work with industry partners:

If you are an industry partner and would like to discuss cooperation possibilities, feel free to contact us!

ZMT Multitrophic Aquaculture
ZMT works on developing multitrophic aquaculture in Southeast Asia | Photo: Tom Vierus, ZMT