Occupational safety takes care of safe and healthy working conditions (from the office to the laboratory) and the prevention of fires and accidents.

Possible hazards for a safe and healthy workplace include mechanical and electrical hazards, chemical and biological agents, fire and explosion hazards, hazards due to special physical effects, workplace design and ergonomic, organisational and psychological factors.

You can turn to occupational safety if you have questions about occupational safety in general and/or about safe and health-promoting workplaces in particular, if you want to become a safety officer, first aider or fire protection helper, or if you want to take part in a fire extinguishing exercise.

Occupational safety carries out the basic safety instructions and safety officer training and is also involved in accident investigation (to prevent further/similar accidents), risk assessment during pregnancy and the design of workplaces.

Occupational Safety in Germany: Further links to laws and regulations (text in German)