The targeted and strategic integration of various stakeholders from science, politics, business and civil society is one of the core activities of the Leibniz Centre for Tropical Marine Research. The Science Management Team (WIMA) supports the ZMT Directorate and the scientists of the institute.

WIMA's tasks include initiating, coordinating and strengthening cooperation with national and international partners from science, politics and industry. In addition, targeted dialogue with the public plays a central role. For example, the science management team informs various interest groups about the activities of the ZMT and offers support in organising a multitude of events ranging from conferences and workshops to exhibitions. WIMA's tasks also include monitoring and designing strategic processes and advising on applications for third-party funding.

As the supporting body of the scientific activities at ZMT, WIMA integrates the following areas and functions, which in addition to coordinating and organisational tasks also shape the strategic positioning and anchoring of ZMT as a scientific institute in society, politics and business: