Clownfish reared at ZMT

Breeding and rearing of ornamental organisms

With a trade volume of more than 15 billion US$ in the last decade, the ornamental trade has reached global dimensions. At the same time, coastal ecosystems such as coral reefs are being destroyed due to increases in fishing effort and catches of wild stocks. This project aims at contributing to the protection and sustainable use of coral reef and mangrove resources. In particular, a decrease of stress and mortality during transport and successful breeding and rearing of selected species will improve management of the ornamental trade by reducing the need for fishing on wild stocks.

A main goal of this project is to achieve progress in three areas: improved water quality, management of brood stock and identification of nutrition requirements. Presently, research has focused on the rearing of clownfish, corals and sea cucumbers, and emphasises the development of simple, low-cost techniques and equipment for small hatcheries.

Experimental coral reproduction (ExCoRe)

The interest in the keeping of marine aquaria is steadily growing in western countries. The request for live corals however, mainly stony corals, is most often covered by wild harvests. Therefore, coral farming has developed over the last years.

The main aim of this project is the development of a stable coral nursery, with both asexual reproduction through fragments, as well as sexual reproduction via targeted settlement of planula larvae. The role of biotic and abiotic factors in this context is the main focus of several project partners.

On one hand special materials for substrates, supporting the selective attachment of coral larvae and fragments, will be produced and conditioned with selected bacteria strains. These innovative new substrates aim for a targeted settlement of coral larvae and a stable attachment of coral fragments. For a stable growth of fragments a microbiotic coral food will be developed. In addition biological, chemical and physical factors, responsible for optimal settlement and onward growth, will be investigated.

ExCoRe is a subproject of the joint project "Improved sexual and asexual coral reproduction (ISAC)".

Project Partners

Dr. Andreas Kunzman (Leiter)

wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiter
Lisa Röpke
Nico Steinel

Partner (private Unternehmen)

Aquacare, Herten
Ceramics, Bremen
Klimahaus Bremerhaven
MiBiLab, Münster
Zentrum für Aquakulturforschung ZAF, Bremerhaven