1st row (left to right): Prof. Uta Berger (former ZMT), Dr. Lucy Gillis (ZMT), Dr. Inga Nordhaus (ZMT) / 2nd row: Dr. Gustavo Castellanos-Galindo


International conference on mangrove forests: Mangrove & Macrobenthos Meeting MMM4

Six scientists from the ZMT are taking part in the Mangrove & Macrobenthos Meeting in St. Augustine, Florida. It is the world´s largest conference on mangrove forests that takes place every four years. This year´s overarching theme is ´Causes and consequences of mangrove ecosystem responses to climate change´. 260 scientists from more than 30 countries came together to present and discuss their latest research findings in talks, posters and informal meetings. The conference takes place in a special region, at the northern latitudinal distribution limit where mangroves are expanding into salt marshes as a consequence of global warming. The participants had the possibility to visit this special area during field trips.

A post-conference workshop at the Florida Keys will provide the opportunity to network with other mangrove scientists and to work on a joint publication on ´Understanding the consequences of global environmental changes for mangrove ecosystems´ as well as to identify gaps in knowledge and to develop new project ideas.

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Inga Nordhaus, WG Mangrove Ecology