Overall project

LeNa Shape is the first project to investigate in an international context whether and how the principle of "research in societal responsibility" changes research processes and projects in terms of quality, impact and motivation of researchers.

The three overall goals of the project are:

1.to provide robust answers to central unresolved research questions using scientific methods,

2.to understand the associated processes and mechanisms in everyday research, and

3.to use this understanding to generate greater engagement and enthusiasm for sustainability management in research organisations and among staff ("Shaping research in societal responsibility").

ZMT sub-project:
The aim of ZMT is to develop a generic form of impact pathway narrative in the field of bioeconomy and natural resource management in close cooperation with ZALF and other project partners, taking into account existing approaches, which allows the impact of a research project to be determined both ex ante and ex post with regard to its effect on the SDGs.

This approach will be tested using an inter- and transdisciplinary project of the marine sciences of ZMT as an example. This sub project makes a central contribution to the search for ways to integrate the understanding of societally responsible and relevant research substantiated by the LeNa criteria into the prevailing understanding of research quality, in order to arrive at a more holistic approach to the evaluation and assessment of quality and excellence that goes beyond the conventional criteria and focuses on orientation towards societal goals.