The DataLab is a scientific computing facility for data-centric collaboration. The lab is hosted at

The DataLab is a digital platform where ZMT staff and their tropical partners can host and collaborate on their data analysis projects. The lab provides a collaboration platform through access to project management tools, topic-based chat streams, a high-throughput compute cluster with modern hardware backed by a responsive and competent support team. Access to the lab's facilities and support services can be arranged through the invitation by one of ZMT's workgroup leaders, through the process described on the lab's webpage. Further questions about the lab can be directed to the listed contacts.

The DataLab is a product of ZMT’s strategic digitalization initiative DigiZ, and is conceptualized and managed by the Data Science and Technology and Research Data Service groups. The DataLab is one of ZMT’s vehicles to improve the scientific data landscape for tropical marine research through improvements in data literacy, agility, partnerships and visibility. A strategic goal at the DataLab is to operationalize ZMT’s “Open Science, Open Data” policy.