On the 20th and 21st of January the final conference of the SPICE project took place at the Udayana University in Bali. It brought to an end a most successful German
- Indonesian research and capacity development cooperation in the marine sciences, which started in 2001. Find here a report.

And so it did – with the bilateral workshop on future collaborations in the morning, for which selected scientists had prepared short briefing presentations and the stakeholder workshop on knowledge exchange initiatives after lunch.

After this, the work week closed with some last interesting discussions (as they have been taking place all week long), in this case on the further analysis and ‘translation’ of SPICE data, before everyone went their own ways.

Especially for Thursday, the stakeholder session needs to be highlighted, with an additional stakeholder joining (Dr. Agus Rusli, Department of Forestry) with 5 minute snapshots of their interests and needs. The late afternoon sees the closing ceremony of SPICE and the conference. We feel everyone should be really proud of what they have achieved, and which publications, dissertations and Masters theses have been written.

Even though, for us, the meeting will continue on Friday.

After breakfast we went to the Udayana University, barely two dangerous street crossings and ten minutes walk away. The meetings took place in the Agro-Complex Building of Udayana University.

The Conference Opening Ceremony honoured us with two traditional Balinese dancers (beautiful performance) – then the conference began. Without going into detail with the meeting - an interesting but also exhausting day was rewarded with the conference dinner at Fairmont Sanur Beach, by the beach of Sanur, on the East coast of Denpasar City.


On the first day of our stay, the DAAD invited us to dinner at the lovely Sanuru Paradise Plaza Hotel, with representatives from DAAD, DAAD alumni from Bali, three DAAD longterm lecturers (a.o. Andreas Kunzmann) and ZMT SPICE project partners. Dr. Irene Jansen gave a talk on the DAAD work and exchange with Indonesia, and Prof. Westphal gave a short introduction of the SPICE project, its partners, objectives and achievements.