The Experimental Marine Laboratories are a core part of the ZMT's research infrastructure. They include a biology, chemistry and geology laboratory as well as a marine experimental facility (MAREE - Marine Experimental Ecology).

Under the joint leadership of Silvia Hardenberg and Dr Donata Monien, the laboratory technicians provide the best possible support for the scientific work at the ZMT. Whether it is the preparation and support of field experiments and scientific sea cruises, the laboratory preparation and analysis of samples obtained during field work, or supporting in the planning and implementation of various experimental set-ups in the marine experimental facility MAREE - the close interdisciplinary cooperation of the ZMT's experimental marine laboratories enables scientific questions to be developed and successfully answered.

Further information on the technical equipment and services of the individual laboratory units can be found here:

For further questions about the ZMT's Marine Experimental Laboratories, please contact Silvia Hardenberg and Dr Donata Monien at the joint email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.