Project goal

The aim of the project partners AquaCare, GMBU and ZMT is to develop the necessary components for the construction of an innovative cascade reactor with denitrification and ozonation stage at low bromate generation and to test it in practical application in a RAS. The final product will be a market-ready filter unit for modern RAS that is proven to be functional and harmless to aquaculture organisms. ZMT will investigate the effects of the individual filter components on water parameters and culture organisms in a RAS to ensure their functionality and harmlessness.

Main focus

An important focus will be the determination of safe bromate concentrations for selected culture organisms, as these values are mostly unknown. In addition, the ZMT will explore its own innovative methods to remove bromate using aquaculture organisms (e.g. algae), bacteria or novel photocatalytic materials.

Based on practical experience with the individual components, method protocols will ultimately be developed that enable safe use by monitoring relevant water parameters.