Women in Ghana lay out the catch for drying and preserving. | Photo: Anna-Katharina Hornidge, ZMT

WIOGEN is a scientific networking platform with an integrative vision of social learning approaches that fosters regional ocean governance in the West Indian Ocean Region. The network comprises a transdisci-plinary science network of academic, policy-related, private and civil society partner institutions over a preliminary phase of two years. It complements other regional marine science networks by focusing explicitly on integrative ocean and coastal governance, thus bringing together the social and marine sciences. WIOGEN strongly focuses on the capacity development of early career ocean governance researchers, policymakers, tertiary educators, and development practitioners.

The partnership format:

  1. a) inclusive, democratically-organised science network structure comprising three thematic working groups;
  2. b) tailored pedagogic and learning practices for capacity development of early career participants – via the sharing and co-development of regionally relevant, sustainability-related ocean governance learning and pedagogic, partly virtual, formats.
  3. c) intra-regional and trans-continental (East Africa-Europe) policy advice – based on the model of an inclusive, growing/evolving institutional network in line with core objectives of the “MeerWissen” initiative. It will bring together scientific institutions, state authorities, international organisations, the private sector, and civil society players – with the aim to scientifically inform policy-making in the West Indian Ocean Region, as well as in cooperation with the European Network ‘Ocean Governance for Sustainability’ (www.oceangov.eu) on the level of the European Union.

    WIOGEN is structured around three selected ocean governance themes:

    (a) nutritional security, sustainable fisheries, aquacult-ure and livelihoods; (b) marine spatial planning and coastal management; (c) biodiversity conservation, pollution and habitat loss. The WIOGEN consortium is further strengthened by joint advisory roles played by major regional, national and local actors that include WIOMSA and CORDIO, alongside state-based scientific institutes, civil society organisations and policy entities.

Project Partner (Germany)


International Project Partners

Leibniz Centre for Tropical Marine Research (ZMT):

WG Development and Knowledge Sociology

WG Institutional and Behavioural Economics

WG Ecophysiology


Coastal Oceans Research and Development – Indian Ocean

CORDIO East Africa, Mombasa, Kenya

West Indian Ocean Marine Science Association (WIOMSA), Zanzibar/Tanzania

International Ocean Institute (IOI) branches in Germany and Southern Africa