Training to become a biology laboratory technician or chemical laboratory technician | Photo: Tom Vierus, ZMT

Apprenticeships / Vocational Training

How does that work? Combining tropical countries with vocational training in the administrative sector (finance, purchasing or human resources), in a library, in a scientific laboratory (biology, chemistry, aquarium) or in workshops and maintanence services?

It does at ZMT! Because ZMT is an interdisciplinary research institute that conducts research in the tropics but has its home in Bremen, Germany. The institute has been offering vocational trainings in a number of professions since 2012.

Even if our trainees do not go directly to the tropics, there is an international (tropical) flair at ZMT. People of different nationalities and cultural backgrounds work at the institute. Many come from our partner countries in the tropics. Trainees can get to know and support the scientific operations at ZMT in the different areas of their apprenticeship – be it in the library, laboratory or workshops. No two days at ZMT are the same, because many different people and tasks require individual solutions.

We are currently training in the following professions:

  • Specialist for Media and Information Services
  • Biology laboratory technician or chemical laboratory technician

At the moment we only offer training as a chemistry/biology laboratory assistant for the third year of training in cooperation with the training centre of the University of Bremen. Please contact them if you are interested in an apprenticeship (

Other types of training are also available and are advertised in line with capacities. We are currently offering an introductory qualification as a mechatronics technician in our workshops.

Training positions are advertised in the vacancies section. Unfortunately, we cannot answer direct applications to the different departments; our application management is always handled by our colleagues in personnel, who are happy to answer questions.