Bachelor and Master students can study towards their degrees in a range of working groups or within the administration of ZMT. ZMT also offers students the option to work as student assistants. Current vacancies can be found here.

Bachelor and master’s students are given a work space, an insight into the work of an international research institution, and the opportunity to take part in courses offered by the ZMT Academy. Field trips often form part of this work.

The professors at the Leibniz Centre for Tropical Marine Research (ZMT) are appointed jointly with universities (University of Bremen and Jacobs University Bremen) under what are known as cooperation professorships. For the most part, students at ZMT receive their academic degrees from these universities.

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One particular focus of ZMT is the ISATEC (International Studies in Aquatic Tropical Ecology) master’s programme for German and international students, which is run in close collaboration with the University of Bremen. ZMT is closely involved in coordinating the programme and contributing to the courses.

Students on the ISATEC programme are taught wide-ranging knowledge in theoretical and applied ecology, in the evaluation of resources, and in the fundamentals of socio-economics. The courses foreground aspects relating to the protection and sustainable management of tropical coastal ecosystems. In addition to the importance of academic work, an emphasis is also placed on collaboration in the context of multi-cultural group work.

PLEASE NOTE: From winter term 2020/2021 onwards, the M.Sc. programmes ISATEC and Marine Biology will be fused to form a single M.Sc. programme. ISATEC will be a specific study profile in the revised M.Sc. Marine Biology programme.

As part of its capacity development activities, ZMT helps to promote the development and realisation of master’s courses in tropical countries. Examples include a bachelor and master’s programme in “Fisheries” at Vudal University and Fisheries College in Papua New Guinea and the development of an international master’s programme at Sam Ratulangi University (UNSRAT) in Manado, Indonesia.

Outstanding master graduates may be nominated for the Campus Award, initiated by KELLNER & STOLL – STIFTUNG FÜR KLIMA UND UMWELT, the Leibniz Centre for Tropical Marine Research (ZMT), and the University of Bremen in 2016.