The electronic and mechanical workshops support scientific experiments at ZMT | Photo: Christian Kosak

One of the most important tasks of the electronic and mechanical workshops at ZMT is to advise scientific and non-scientific staff in the planning of metrological applications or systems. The earlier the workshops are involved in the planning process, the greater the benefit.

Routine tasks of the electronic workshop include, among others:

  • Technical support for scientific experiments (technical conception, selection of equipment, etc.)
  • Maintenance, procurement and, if necessary, construction of measuring instruments for projects and experimental work (if necessary, including software programming)
  • Computer-aided development of complex printed circuit boards with software program EAGLE
  • Custom-made products in the fields of analogue technology, digital technology, measurement technology, control technology, regulation technology and microprocessor technology
  • Adaptation of existing electronic devices to specific scientific requirements
  • Recurring inspection of electrical equipment. DIN VDE 0701-0702 and BetrSichV(1) according to DGUV(2) regulation 3 (formerly BGV(3) A3) apply.

In the mechanical workshop work pieces for all scientific instruments are manufactured. Mechanical components, distributors and similar devices for testing and measuring