Photo: Fried egg jellyfish / Lisa Zimmermann, ZMT

07/04/2022 | This year, the Girls / Boys Day (also Future Day) will take place throughout Germany on April 28. The ZMT is participating with a digital offer on our learning platform Moodle for students aged 12 to 15.

The topic is "Future food from the sea" and it addresses questions such as: What can we do to avoid overfishing? Which animals and plants from the sea can we eat as an alternative to fish? What kind of research is being done at the ZMT on foods from the sea to which we have not yet become accustomed?

  • We will introduce you to scientists working on this topic at the ZMT, and you can ask them about their research and their everyday life as a researcher.
  • We will take you on a marine quiz and you can compete against each other in groups.
  • We will give you a virtual tour of our seawater facility, where we keep corals, reef fish, mangrove jellyfish and other animals from coral reefs for our research projects.
  • We will show you our research on jellyfish, sea cucumbers and "green caviar" – an alga - and do some experiments.

Our workshop starts on the 28th at 9:00 am and goes until 1:00 pm.

ATTENTION - unfortunately already fully booked!