20/10/2023 | On October 12, a new round of the project "SCIENCE GOES PUBLIC!" started. The ZMT is participating again, this time with Peter Steiglechner, who will give insights about his work at the ZMT with the talk "Exploring Public Opinion with Maths"(in German).

On November 2, the talk will start at 8:30 p.m. at the Capri Bar (Fehrfeld 35), and everyone is cordially invited to listen to the talk over a refreshing beer or glass of wine and to join in the discussion afterwards.

That's what the lecture is about...

With the help of mathematical models, I want to understand how people's opinions are formed in social discourse, for example in the climate debate. How does consensus emerge, how does polarization emerge? And what assumptions about human behaviour underlie these patterns?

...and that is the event series:

The Science goes PUBlic series quenches a broad public's thirst for knowledge in 30 minutes. Twice a year, scientific topics are presented in selected pubs and bars in Bremen and Bremerhaven in unconventional and humorous short lectures. Afterwards there is the possibility of an exchange or a direct conversation between the audience and the scientists. More information and pictures of the past series can be found on the website: https://www.sciencegoespublic.de/