28.03.19 | 18 young pupils visited ZMT today as part of the nationwide Future Day to learn about the work of a marine researcher.

They started off with a small expedition "into the field": at the Kuhgraben, the canal behind the ZMT building, the students took samples with plankton nets and a soil grab and measured parameters such as temperature, pH value, oxygen content and conductivity of the water.

After successfully sampling, they returned to the ZMT and went directly to the marine experimental facility with its large aquariums. During a guided tour, the students took part in feeding the fish and got to know various animal and plant species of tropical marine areas.

After a short breakfast break, laboratory experiments followed at various stations. Thus, the participants were able to identify various fish species professionally, practice microscopy of plankton, extract DNA from algae, take a detailed look at the smallest sea creatures with the scanning electron microscope at 1000x magnification, carry out experiments on water density and find out more about corals and their endangerment through ocean acidification.

The school children were supervised by ZMT technicians and scientists: Sebastian Flotow, Jule Mawik, Achim Meyer, Carolin Müller, Sonja Peters, Christina Staschok and Constanze von Waldthausen.