Sebastian Ferse at work in the reefs off Sulawesi (Photo: Sascha Romatzki, ZMT)

28/06/2022 | The ZMT is at it again - in the second season of Bremen Zwei's marine podcast, which has a new name: “At the sea - Stories between water and land”.

After marine biologist Annette Breckwoldt reported on her work on the Fiji island of Kadavu in the first season, the new episode from June 14 with Sebastian Ferse, reef ecologist at the ZMT, is about the coral reefs of Sulawesi, their threats, and what this far-away sea place has to do with us.

South Sulawesi | The Coral Crisis

Below the sea surface off South Sulawesi, shrimp crackle, fish shimmer in the incoming light, and anemones sway gently in the current. But the colourful coral world is under threat. Climate change, rampant fishing and pollution have caused the reefs to bleach and die. How endangered are these coral reefs? What do the 11,000-kilometer-distant reefs have to do with us? That, and a love of Indonesia, is what podcast host Katharina Guleikoff talks about with reef ecologist Dr. Sebastian Ferse.

About the Bremen Zwei podcast "To the Sea"

 This podcast dives, sails along coasts and moors to tell stories between water and land. Whether deserted islands, harbour metropoles or underwater worlds: In each episode, we learn about a place in the world for which the sea plays a crucial role.

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