06/10/2021 | From October 16-30, the University of Bremen and its partners will be presenting a wide variety of formats in the city of Bremen to mark the 50th anniversary of the University. Lectures, guided tours, workshops and talk sessions will allow anyone interested to immerse themselves in the world of science.

The events will take place at unusual locations, such as the Baumwollbörse, the Bürger- und Sozialzentrum Huchting, the Übersee-Museum, cinemas and many more locations in the city of Bremen.

The ZMT is also participating: on Saturday, October 23 at 4 p.m., Lara Stuthmann and Holger Kühnhold invite you to the Übersee Museum for the talk "New Food from the Sea".

Admission is free, but registration is required. Free tickets are available from Nordwest-Ticket: https://www.uni-bremen.de/campus-city/programm

About the talk

New Food from the Sea

Jellyfish, algae, sea cucumbers - we are more familiar with these creatures from visits to the beach or from television than from having them on our plates. However, two researchers from the Leibniz Centre for Tropical Marine Research (ZMT) will talk about why this might change in the future and why jellyfish chips or "green caviar" might become a common snack on October 23 at the Überseemuseum as part of Campus City.

In view of the rising world population and the increasing scarcity of resources, humanity faces the challenge of ensuring food security. The sea with its creatures, especially those at the bottom of the food chain, could play a crucial role in this regard, as they can be farmed in a resource-saving way and are also highly nutritious.

More info on the programme: https://www.uni-bremen.de/campus-city