Nils Moosdorf

Prof. Dr. Nils Moosdorf

Work Group Leader, Professor for Coastal Hydrogeology at Kiel University (CAU)

Phone: +49 421 23800 - 33

Fax: +49 421 23800 - 30

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Office: Fahrenheitstr. 6, Annexe
28359 Bremen
Room: 2208 (2nd floor)

Research interests

- Global biogeochemical cycling
- Groundwater / Ocean interaction
- Biogeochemistry
- Data-driven Geosciences

Personal information

Adjunct Professor, Southern Cross University, New South Wales, Australia

Temporary Member of the Graduate Faculty, University of Alabama, USA

Member of the Working Group "Integrated Earth System Science" of the Leibniz Association

Associate Editor of the Journal "Frontiers in Earth Sciences"

Associate Editor of the "Hydrogeology Journal"

Member of the Selection Committee in the BMBF-DAAD Program SPACES II-CaBuDe

Reviewer for e.g. Israel Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), National Science Foundation (NSF), Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO), and more than 30 scientific Journals.

Research Profiles:




Personal Data

Curriculum vitae

2019 Profesor for Coastal Hydrogeology, Kiel University
May 2019 Habilitation at University of Bremen
Sep 2017 Hermann-Credner Award of the German Geological Society
2014-today Leader of the research group „Submarine Groundwater Discharge“,Leibniz-Center for Marine Tropical Research, Bremen
2009-2014 Researcher, Institute for Biogeochemistry and Marine Chemistry, University of Hamburg
2006-2009 Ph.D. Student, Institute of Applied Geosciences, TU Darmstadt
2000 Study of Geology, RWTH Aachen, Degree: Diploma


International Peer Reviewed Journals

Signature: Underlined: Members of my lab or supervised by me, Bold: myself



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Please be aware of a name change: Publications before 2011 are often published with my maiden name “Nils Jansen”


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Other Publications

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