14/12/2023 | As the year draws to a close we’d like to give you another insight into what’s happening at our institute. ZMT will soon be on board a research cruise on the RV Sonne to collect new data on oxygen minimum zones in the Arabian Sea. Our ZMT Newsletter reports on the upcoming expedition led by the University of Hamburg.
ZMT has joined the Coalition for Advancing Research Assessment (CoARA) which is looking at new criteria for evaluating research. Societal impact is one of the key elements in this process and we give an overview of how ZMT contributes to a new transformative role for research.
Many scientists at ZMT could not do their research without valuable support from our colleagues in the laboratories. In a joint interview the two co-heads of our experimental marine laboratories explain how the newly established dual leadership works and what changes have been implemented at the labs.

Download ZMT Newsletter #2 2023.