Arjun Chennu

Dr. Arjun Chennu

Work Group Leader

Phone: +49 (0)421 23800 - 42

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Office: Fahrenheitstr. 8
28359 Bremen
Room: 3203 (2nd floor)

Research interests

Habitat mapping and environmental description
Machine learning and modeling
Underwater and spectral imaging
Benthic photosynthesis and ecology
Development of in-situ instruments & methods
Software tools for science
Scientific diving




  • Possible link between Earth's rotation rate and oxygenation. Using numerical modeling and lab measurements, we demonstrated a mechanistic link between the length of day on Earth, which is influenced by the Moon, and the amount of oxygen exported by ground-dwelling bacteria. This daylength effect was likely a significant driver of oxygenation of the early Earth, and may help expain the much-debated pattern of oxygenation of Earth.
  • Hermann Neuhaus Prize from the Max Planck Society. In 2018, the Max Planck Foundation and the Hermann Neuhaus Foundation bestowed the first ever Hermann Neuhaus Prize in recognition of achievements towards marine habitat mapping with the invention of the HyperDiver and supporting a spin-off company.
  • Annette Barthelt Prize for best dissertation. In 2016, I received the Annette-Barthelt-Stiftung's prize for best doctoral dissertation in marine sciences.
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Google scholar: Arjun Chennu

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