Roald Leeuwerik

Doctoral Candidate

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Office: Fahrenheitstr. 8
28359 Bremen
Room: 3005 (Ground floor)

Curriculum Vitae : Roald Leeuwerik

Research interests

I am passionate to contribute to the protection and sustainable use of the marine environment for years to come. I have a particular interest in ensuring a sustainable use of marine resources (living and non-living) while protecting biodiversity and other economic user functions, such as artisanal fisheries and marine tourism. Over the last years I have been looking to fisheries and aquaculture, in The Netherlands and abroad, and more recently I have conducted research projects to seabed mining operations. This emerging industry is about to start operations in different parts of the world but poses various environmental- and socioeconomic risks that need to be addressed.

At ZMT, I am working on the TransTourism project as PhD. During my PhD I will look at the role of stakeholder perceptions, priorities and power relationships on the decision support process to come to wastewater management approaches in small tourism communities. I believe it is vital to understand how stakeholders perceive the issue of tourism-generated wastewater, and how their perceptions and priorities are affected by established power relationships. This knowledge can then be used to formulate and achieve more broadly supported management strategies.