Sara Nazari

Sara Nazari

Doctoral Candidate

Phone: +49 (0)421 23800 - 129

Fax: +49 (0)421 23800 - 30

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Office: Fahrenheitstr. 6, Annexe
28359 Bremen
Room: 2214 (2nd floor)

Research interests

My researches focus broadly on water resources modeling and management. I use interdisciplinary theoretical and methodological approaches to study water resources locally and globally. In my transdisciplinary researches, I explore how various aspects, including climate change, land use, stakeholders' behavior, and social and economic factors, impact both the quantity and quality of water resources.

I am particularly interested in working on:
- Groundwater
- Integrated and adaptive water resources management
- Sustainability analysis
- Water quality
- Conflict resolution theories

Curriculum vitae

2015 - 2018
Master of Science, Water Resources Management and Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering, Isfahan University of Technology, Thesis: Conflict management of groundwater resources as a common pool based on the tradeoff between the economy and the environment
2018 - 2020
Researcher, Water and Wastewater Research Institute, Isfahan University of Technology
Doctoral Candidate, "Submarine Groundwater Discharge“, Leibniz Center for Tropical Marine Research, Bremen

Research Profiles

Google Scholar



    • Nazari, S., Ahmadi, A., Kamrani Rad, S., Ebrahimi, B., 2020, Application of non-cooperative dynamic game theory for groundwater conflict resolution, Journal of Environmental Management, Volume 270, 110889, ISSN 0301-4797.
    • Yazdian, M., Nazari, S., 2020, Assessment of climate change parameters impact on long-term sediment transport trend, case study: Azam River basin, International Journal of Hydrology Science and Technology, ISSN 2042-7808.
    • Nazari, S., Ahmadi, A., 2019, Non-cooperative stability assessments of groundwater resources management based on the tradeoff between the economy and the environment, Journal of Hydrology, Volume 578, 124075, ISSN 0022-1694.
    • Ahmadi, A., Fatemi, Z. & Nazari, S., 2018, Assessment of input data selection methods for BOD simulation using data-driven models: a case study. Environ Monit Assess, 190, 239.