Activities of LAMEM (Laboratory of Mathematical-Statistical Modeling)

Talk by Prof. Dr. rer. nat. João Marcelo Brazão Protázio (UFPA - Federal University of Pará - Brazil)

In his capacity he is also Vice-Coordinator at the Postgraduate Program in Mathematics and Statistics (PPGME) at UFPA, Coordinator of the Mathematical Statistical-Modelling Laboratory (LAMEM) and representative of the Brazilian-German Network for the Internationalization of Higher Education (Rebralint)

In the lunch seminar he will present the activities of LAMEM (Laboratory of Mathematical-Statistical Modeling) as well as the project that Marcelo Protazio intends to implement together with ZMT and the Mangrove Ecology working group. The main purpose of the project is the application of mathematical and statistical models and tools for a better understanding of the phenomena and the reality of the Amazon. The final product of this project is the return of the results obtained to civil society as a whole. We hope to contribute to the social and scientific development of the region, which has been severely attacked in recent years by cuts in funds for research and education and in the relaxation of environmental protection laws by the 'new Brazilian government'.