Aquaculture of Caulerpa lentillifera (sea grapes, Chlorophyta): Nutritional value, co-cultivation potential and post-harvest procedures of a sea vegetable (2)

The global food production is facing challenges due to the natural boundaries of agriculture and crises like climate change. The cultivation of edible seaweeds, known as sea vegetables, is discussed as part of a solution to provide healthy, sustainably produced diets for the people. The green, edible macroalga Caulerpa lentillifera (sea grapes, green caviar) is valued due to its special texture and the nutritional value. The present thesis investigated the ecophysiology and biochemical composition of C. lentillifera
along its production cycle at the sea grape farm VIJA in Van Phong Bay, Viet Nam in order to identify approaches that could improve the quantity and quality of the harvest, as well as the resource-efficiency of the production. Light management was highlighted as an important tool for farmers during the cultivation and post-harvest of sea grapes, but also as a way to manipulate the nutritional value of the seaweed.