Cultural and Literary Studies of the English-Speaking World and the Blue Humanities

Abstract: This talk introduces you to the field of literary and cultural studies of the English-speaking world with a focus on water and oceans as it is taught and researched in the English-Speaking Cultures programs at department 10, U Bremen. It provides insights into the interdisciplinary field of the Blue Humanities as well as the work of the newly established Bremen Blue Humanities Research Group (English-Speaking Cultures, department 10, U Bremen).

Paula von Gleich is a postdoctoral lecturer at the department of Linguistics and Literary Studies, University of Bremen. She is the executive director of the Bremen Institute of Canada and Quebec Studies and teaches and researches on English-Speaking cultures with a focus on North America, the Caribbean, and the Atlantic. Her first monograph The Black Border and Fugitive Narration in Black American Literature was published open access by De Gruyter in 2022 and analyzes concepts of fugitivity and captivity in Black North American and Black Atlantic narratives and Afro-pessimist and Black feminist theory.

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